Texas Would Check off Wayfair Requirements with New Bills

Two bills sitting in Texas’s Senate Finance Committee would put the Lone Star State in a good position to tax online sales. Senate Bills 70 and 890 solve legal issues with online taxes by outlining a uniform internet sales tax for state and local jurisdictions along with specific guidelines for distribution of the revenue. This bill increases transparency and simplicity, but Texas still has room to simplify its sales tax code further. In addition, lawmakers should consider using the revenue raised from expanding the sales tax base to pay for a lower overall tax rate. Texas already requires Amazon to pay sales taxes, but these bills would simplify the system so it could capture revenue from any company making more than $500,000 in online sales occurring in the state of Texas, according to the Austin Business Journal. To clarify the complex issue of internet sales taxes, the 2018 Supreme Court case South Dakota v. Wayfair outlined several items for state taxes to include in…

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