Texas Family Law: How can Abuse Affect Child Custody?

When a marriage fails and eventually leads to divorce, one important question arises: who will take custody of the child? At times, guardianship, or conservatorship as used in Texas family law, is a longer and more emotional process than divorce. It already involves the children; And most often, this brings problems to the whole being of the child.  In Texas, according to Findlaw.com, there are two kinds of conservatorship; the joint managing conservatorship and the sole managing conservatorship. The first one is where both parents are still given the full rights to take care of their child. The last one is where only one parent is given the right of conservatorship. Why does the court decide to grant the sole custody to one parent? There are as much reasons as you can think but it can be summarized it in four main reasons. The first one is when one of the parents has been involved in violence or has neglected the child in the past. Second, being…

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