Testimony sheds light on dynamics of Qualcomm's negotiations with Apple, Samsung, VIA Telecom

On Day 4 of the FTC v. Qualcomm trial (Friday, January 11) in the Northern District of California, testimony covered the whole range of issues from market definition to anticompetitive harm to potential justifications. But the most interesting parts related to the dynamics of Qualcomm's negotiations with such industry players as Apple, Samsung, and VIA Telecom, as well as a past power struggle between Qualcomm's patent licensing and chipset divisions. When I just said "interesting," I primarily meant that it satisfies our curiosity as to what happened behind the scenes years ago and ultimately led to the mess we're learning more and more about. It's key to distinguish at all times between what's really outcome-deteminative to the #ftcqcom antitrust case and what's at best secondary, or even totally irrelevant, to the decisions Judge Lucy H. Koh will make after the ongoing bench trial. She's so much focused on the facts and the law…

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