Ten Ag Technologies that are Changing Agriculture

I spoke at the National Ag Law Center's Ag Tech & the Law Conference recently and was asked to give an overview of the emerging issues.  Here's the list of 10 ag technologies I provided in my discussion, together with an example of how each technology is changing agriculture.   Ag data moves to the cloud. The collection of ag data is now moving to the cloud for many farmers. For example, Farmobile's PUC device allows farmers to collect data and automatically upload that information to cloud servers. Farmers can then decide what to do with their information–store it, share it, or sell it for profit. Internet of Things. The proliferation of sensors connected to the internet is starting to take off on the farm. A great example is Teralytic's NPK remote sensor, a soil probe that wirelessly transmit soil conditions back to the farm.  Robots on the…

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