Technology Consulting And Data Security

Data security protection is a serious concern for all businesses. Customer data, employee data, financial data, and proprietary intellectual property is the lifeblood of any company. When the security of vital data is compromised, it can be very damaging to a company’s reputation and to their bottom line. Professional information technology support is vital in developing effective and comprehensive network security, data backup and recovery, and efficient management solutions.

To develop data security protection that is broad and deep without affecting the speed of network performance, leading information technology support firm NuOz Corporation recommends that companies have a thorough security analysis. A highly trained certified IT consultant can perform a detailed assessment to determine vulnerable points in a network. Once the weak links in security have been identified, the IT consultant will devise a customized data security protection plan which includes endpoint security, message security, secure remote access, Internet and email security, and a data backup and recovery program. Antivirus software, antispam software, advanced content filtering, and blocking inappropriate web browsing are all part of the complete security package to protect against attacks and intrusions.

Information technology support provider NuOz partners with industry leaders including SonicWALL, HP, Microsoft, and Symantec to provide best in class data security and IT optimization. They offer a customized suite of services to fit the needs of an individual company, whether it is full time managed services or on demand IT support as needed. NuOz prides itself on its Green IT Initiatives, which are designed to lower operating costs, use fewer resources, and reduce carbon emissions while maintaining the reliability and innovation for which they are known in the IT industry. Technology optimization helps companies to operate more efficiently and protect their valuable data from system failures, malicious hacking, and even natural disasters.

Founded in 1979 as Commercial Office Systems, today NuOz Corporation is a thriving business that provides IT consulting, data security protection, advanced communication services, cloud computing, and more in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, including Alaska. They offer a long list of technology offerings for homes and businesses, including on site IT consultants, VoIP services, reliable ISP, web hosting, VPN, and more. The goal at NuOz is to facilitate the technology solutions that will help your business grow and prosper.

NuOz Corporation is a leading information technology support and services provider in the Northwest area of the USA. An IT consultant from NuOz can work with your company to provide a detailed analysis of your technology requirements and offer you ways to take advantage of new technology methods, products and services that can enhance your business operation and efficiencies. Contact NuOz for more information at 877-334-8508 or visit their website

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