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Getting Guidance wrong and the perils of not updating legislation

MHCLG recently (April 2019) put out a guidance document called “Landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities in the private rented sector“. Under a heading “Guidance for tenants renting in the private sector: rights, responsibilities and advice”, on page 12 are … Continue reading

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What President Trump’s Infrastructure Agenda Gets Wrong

At the outset of the Trump Administration, policymakers of all stripes hoped infrastructure might be an issue on which Congress and the President could reach bipartisan agreement. President Donald J. Trump stressed infrastructure needs during and after the 2016 election, … Continue reading

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HE’S NOT WRONG: Israeli ambassador calls NYT ‘cesspool of hostility.’ Richard Fernandez expl…

HE’S NOT WRONG: Israeli ambassador calls NYT ‘cesspool of hostility.’ Richard Fernandez explains what’s going on. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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7 Warning Signs That You’re In The Wrong Job

You’re in the wrong job, but you might not even realize it. Millenials apparently get it, while others are slow on the uptake. With the legal job market booming and unemployment at record lows, realizing that you may need to … Continue reading

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Hospital Gets Sued After Performing Prostate Cancer Surgery on the Wrong Patient

Pathologists are doctors who study the cause and development of disease. These medical professionals play a vital role in a patient’s care. In fact, treatment decisions are often made solely on the opinion of a pathologist. If you have been … Continue reading

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