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Copyrights 101: Reviewing the rules of protecting original works

A copyright is a type of intellectual property which protects original artistic or literary works that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression, meaning that the work is sufficiently permanent to last for more than a transitory period of … Continue reading

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No isn’t an answer – access for works

Liverpool Mutual Homes v Mensah, County Court at Liverpool. 31 August 2017. (Thanks to Legal Action Housing Repairs Update May 2019 for this case) This is perhaps a rather obvious point, but reminders can never hurt. M was LMH’s tenant. Following … Continue reading

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LSU law student recapturing lost religious works

Reading piles of law school assigned texts dating back to colonial times and before isn’t daunting for third-year law student Bill Milburn—in fact, it isn’t enough. Milburn has recently set his mind to publishing them, as well. To do so, … Continue reading

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How Bankruptcy Works

Bankruptcy is a legal process in which an individual with too much debt can get a fresh financial start. As soon as you file your papers, the creditors are legally required to stop trying to contact you to collect the … Continue reading

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U.S. Copyright Office Issues Final Rule Establishing Group Registration for Unpublished Works

As part of its efforts to modernize and improve the registration process, the U.S. Copyright Office has adopted a final rule, effective March 15, 2019, that establishes a group registration option for unpublished works. This new rule will allow copyright owners … Continue reading

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