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Why the Divorce Rate is Higher Among Sick Wives than Ill Husbands

The vows for marriage typically include staying together “in sickness and in health.” However, according to recent research, if the wife is the one who is ill, the bond might not be as strong. Sickness and disease can be hard … Continue reading

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UK Judge Says Men have a "Fundamental Human Right" to Sex with their Wives

From The Guardian: A row has erupted after a judge spoke in court about the “fundamental human right” of a man to have sex with his wife. The remark was made by Mr Justice Hayden, who had been asked to… … Continue reading

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Lessons From Basketball Wives

As I was perusing the recent intellectual property newsfeed, I came across a notice the Gilbert Arenas (NBA Player) had recently filed an appeal with the 9th Circuit attempting to prevent the airing of Basketball Wives L.A. Turns out Mr. … Continue reading

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“Of Copyright & Family Feuds: “Hedge Fund Wives” Goes To Court

Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Advertising Law

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