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Bearing Witness as Researchers in the Pursuit of Equality

Kathryn Gillespie, The Cow with Eartag #1389 (2018). Maneesha Deckha Most academics who care about substantive equality accept that ideologies and attendant violence about which lives matter in society and which lives don’t cause devastation and trauma to individuals and communities. … Continue reading

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The Need for an Expert Witness in Your Divorce

During the divorce process, everything is fluid. Going through a divorce is different for everyone. The process your friend or family member described to you may not be the same as what you’re going through. In some cases, that person … Continue reading

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Challenging the credibility of the witness

Challenging the credibility of the witnessGhastin v New York City Dept. of Educ., 2019 NY Slip Op 01152, Appellate Division, First DepartmentThe Plaintiff in this action asked Supreme Court to vacate an Education Law §3020-a arbitrator's award that found the … Continue reading

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Amendment to Title 22 NYCRR codifying the practice that a witness may have counsel present during a Commission hearing

State Commission on Judicial ConductPROPOSED RULE MAKING – NO HEARING(S) SCHEDULEDCounsel for Witnesses at Hearings Source: New York State Register, item I.D. No. JDC-08-19-00006-PPURSUANT TO THE PROVISIONS OF THEState Administrative Procedure Act,NOTICE is hereby given of the following proposed rule:Proposed Action: … Continue reading

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How to Rehab Your Witness

What can you do if your witness’s truthfulness has been challenged? Use evidence of the witness’s prior consistent statement to rehabilitate your witness. Here’s how it’s done. To admit evidence of a prior consistent statement of a testifying witness, you’ll need to … Continue reading

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