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Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302: Can Families Hold the FAA Liable For Certifying the Boeing 737 Max 800 As Safe When It Wasn’t?

Normally, the FAA cannot be sued for doing a bad job certifying an aircraft as safe. But in the case of the 737 Max, things might be different. As a general rule, the FAA cannot be sued as long as, … Continue reading

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How to Show that the Prenup Wasn’t Forced

A premarital agreement (prenup) isn’t enforceable against a party who didn’t enter into it voluntarily. Fam C §1615(a)(1).  Here’s how you can ensure that a question of duress won’t derail your prenup. To deem a prenup voluntarily executed, courts will … Continue reading

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Steps to Take After an Auto Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

As auto accident attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio, we know that securing a fair settlement on a personal injury insurance claim becomes a lot easier when a crash victim takes the following steps after another driver hits him or her.   … Continue reading

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Can I File a Bicycle Accident Claim If I Wasn’t Wearing a Helmet?

Most people have ridden a bicycle without a helmet at some point, and they probably weren’t too concerned about the added risk. Unfortunately, some learn the hard way that leaving their helmet at home can be a catastrophic mistake.   … Continue reading

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Teen Wasn’t Wearing Seatbelt And Meets Tragic End

Speed and drunk driving may account for major factors in many fatal driving accidents, However, overcorrecting is another factor that is often overlooked and may be responsible for 4.1% of all fatal crashes that occurred in 2014, causing overcorrection to … Continue reading

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