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Dax Cowart passes – A great and very real man and trial lawyer

Dax Cowart exemplified how an everyman can experience the most excruciating pain, transcend the pain, remain a true human, and scale great heights. He passed away two days ago, around seventy one years old. In 1995, I arrived at Gerry … Continue reading

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How Chaotic Would an Italian Debt Restructuring Be? (Not Very)

Mark Weidemaier & Mitu Gulati Wolfgang Munchau’s column in the FT yesterday identifies a possible Italian debt crisis as one of the biggest worries for the Eurozone. This makes sense, given Italy’s huge debt stock (upwards of 130% of GDP), … Continue reading

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Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics: Empirics

Very Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics: Empirics By: Abbring, Jaap H. (Tilburg University); Campbell, Jeffrey R. (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago); Tilly, Jan (QuantCo, Inc.); Yang, Nan (National Univerrsity of Singapore) Abstract: This paper develops an econometric model of firm entry,… … Continue reading

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Medical marijuana proving very popular in Oklahoma

This local article spotlights the (surprising?) popularity of medical marijuana in the Sooner State under the headline "Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority estimated licensing 80,000 patients in year one. It's on track for 150,000." Here are excerpts: The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana … Continue reading

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Supreme Court of Canada lays down a very nuanced, contextual understanding of "expectation of privacy"

Today the Supreme Court of Canada issued a very important privacy decision in R v Jarvis. I say it’s important for a number of reasons. First, it’s an important decision that strongly defines expectation of privacy for the Canadian Criminal … Continue reading

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