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Generally the DC Courts are inclined to confer and extend jurisdiction to litigants rather than declining it. This blog details some of original, continuing, and non-conventional child custody jurisdictional parameters and scope. Initial child-custody jurisdiction District has jurisdiction to make … Continue reading

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Robinson & Williams on State Variations in Criminal Law: Distributive Principles

Paul H. Robinson and Tyler Williams (University of Pennsylvania Law School and University of Pennsylvania Law School – Student/Alumni/Adjunct) have posted MAPPING AMERICAN CRIMINAL LAW: VARIATIONS ACROSS THE 50 STATES: Chapter One: Distributive Principles of Criminal Law (Praeger, 2018) on… … Continue reading

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Variations on a Prenup: Making Multigenerational Homeownership Work

I recently read a New York Times article addressing the growing trend of multigenerational households and the benefits of a so-called ‘prenup’ for this type of homeownership. The reasons for a contractual arrangement about home ownership for families can range … Continue reading

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Blockchain Variations: Sidechains, Slidechains and the Potential of the Fork

As the blockchain avalanche continues, and ever-increasing numbers of blockchain-based patent applications seek issuance, savvy inventors and practitioners continue probing for patent-eligible space. Blockchain apps ultimately will face the same barriers as other software applications—key among them being new rules … Continue reading

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