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[Eugene Volokh] Connecticut AG Opinion on Repealing Religious Exemption from Vaccination Rules

From Conn. AG Op. No. 2019-01, issued May 6 and just uploaded onto Westlaw: Dear Majority Leader Ritter: I am writing in response to your request for a formal legal opinion from the Office of the Attorney General (the "Office") … Continue reading

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Scientists Recommend New Hospital Policies for Pediatric Flu Vaccination

A new study conducted at Seattle Childrens Hospital indicates that many children hosptalized with influenza have had a recent prior hospitalization that would have provided an opportunity to receive the flu vaccine.  Complete results of the study appear in a recent issue of … Continue reading

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Increasing Vaccination Rates Without Eliminating Nonmedical Exemptions

Measles is making a comeback in the United States. Despite the overall success of vaccination programs, local outbreaks of this painful and potentially deadly disease are now frustratingly routine. And measles is not alone; outbreaks of other vaccine-preventable diseases have … Continue reading

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