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Utah Woman Says Bus Driver Who Dragged 13-Year Old Boy Down the Street Was Motivated By Racism

Brenda Mayes says Davis School District ignored complaints from several parents before a bus driver nearly killed her son. Read more detail on Recent Products Liability posts –

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Utah Legalizes Sex Outside Marriage

From NPR News: Until this week, sex between unmarried people in Utah was technically illegal, a vestige of earlier times. That changed Wednesday, when Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill that decriminalizes sex outside of marriage in the state, spokesperson… … Continue reading

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How to Make Sense of the Sentencing Matrix in Utah

The sentencing matrix is a guide for judges to help them sentence individuals convicted of crimes.The Utah Sentencing Matrix The following guide explains vital information on Utah’s criminal sentencing matrix, including prison and prison terms for felonies and misdemeanors, how … Continue reading

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Utah Proposal to Modernize State Sales Should Avoid Layering Taxes on Business Inputs

Lawmakers in Utah considered and temporarily tabled a plan to expand the state’s sales tax to bring the Utah tax code in line with a 21st-century economy. The Tax Equalization and Reduction Act (HB 441 S1), proposed by Representative Tim … Continue reading

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Proposed Amendment to Southern Utah Valley Groundwater Plan

The Utah Division of Water Rights has issued notice of a proposed amendment to the Utah/Goshen Valley Ground-Water Management Plan. The amendment involves the Ensign-Bickford water contamination plume near Mapleton. Pursuant to the notice, the amendment will not be adopted … Continue reading

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