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MARPA Honors Fred Elliott for his 39 Years of Service to the United States

Today, MARPA recognized Fred Elliott's 39 years of dedicated service to the United States during their EMEA Conference in Dublin. Continue reading → Read more detail on Recent Aviation Law posts –

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Copyright Case: Sprint Electric Ltd v Buyer’s Dream Ltd, United Kingdom

Stavroula KarapapaA software development company was held to own the copyright in source code authored by its sole programmer on the basis that the relationship between the parties was one of employer and employee. Case date: 30 July 2018 Case … Continue reading

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United States Congress Creates AI Task Force

“Today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services, announced the creation of a Task Force on Artificial Intelligence chaired by Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL).  “I am excited to Chair the Financial Services Committee’s Task Force … Continue reading

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Marriage to a US Permanent Resident While Residing in the United States: Step by Step

If you are a permanent resident rather than a US citizen, it will take you longer to complete the immigration process for your spouse than it would take a US citizen. The post Marriage to a US Permanent Resident While … Continue reading

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United States Supreme Court to Decide Whether Discrimination Based Upon Sexual Preference Illegal Under Title VII

Important Case Will be Given Great ConsiderationIs Employment Discrimination Based Upon Gender Identity or Sexual Preference Illegal?The Supreme Court announced today that it would decide whether Title VII (aka The Civil Rights Act of 1964) , America’s foremost anti-discrimination in … Continue reading

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