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China amends trade mark and unfair competition law to tackle trade mark squatting and enforcement issues

Kat friend Yifeng She (Fangda Partners) has kindly and promptly provided an update on the latest amendments to the Chinese Trade Mark and Unfair Competition Law. Here's what Yifeng writes:In a whirlwind of legislative actions, China’s top legislators amended the Trade Mark and Unfair … Continue reading

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Is the Proposed New Jersey Stormwater Management Fee an Unfair Tax?

A little less than six years ago, in The “Rain Tax”?, I examined the storm management fee enacted by Maryland, which critics called a “rain tax.” I explained that it was not a “rain tax” because the water that runs … Continue reading

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Unfair Settlement Practices By Insurance Companies

Insurance company unfair settlement practices is dealt with in a specific section of the Texas Insurance Code.  Look at Texas Insurance Code, Section 541.060. The statute prohibits engaging in any of the following settlement practices with respect to a claim … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Company Discusses Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Allegations against Insurer in Car Accident Injury Claim

Auto insurance can come in handy when you are involved in an accident, but only if your insurer treats your claim fairly and provides you with the coverage that you deserve. As dedicated Boston car accident lawyers, we have seen … Continue reading

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Restaurant can't bring unfair competition claim against Trump Old Post Office claim for using Trump's name to draw business

K&D, LLC v. Trump Old Post Office, LLC, No. 17-731 (RJL), 2018 WL 6173449 (D.D.C. Nov. 26, 2018)Plaintiff owns Cork Wine Bar, located in the downtown Washington, D.C. area. Cork argued that it faced unfair competition from the Trump Old … Continue reading

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