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The Uncertain Regulatory Future of Marijuana-Based Oil

Never before have Americans been so pro-marijuana. According to one 2017 Pew Research Center poll, 61 percent of Americans favor legalization. Only 12 percent of Americans shared the same sentiment in 1969. Most people likely associate marijuana with the psychoactive … Continue reading

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Future of Tax Extender Legislation Uncertain

On February 15, 2019, President Trump signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019, into law. This new law averted a second government shutdown and funded the IRS through the end of September, 2019. The law did not include any provisions to … Continue reading

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Reviewing the now "mainstream" and "trendy" (and still uncertain) new world of CBD products

NBC News has this new article, headlined "CBD goes mainstream as bars and coffee shops add weed-related drinks to menus," that is worth a read, and I especially liked its closing paragraph. Here are excerpts: Coffee. Cocktails. Lotion. Dog treats. … Continue reading

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Division of Massachusetts Property Uncertain After Co-Owner Dies During Legal Proceedings

It is not uncommon for issues regarding property ownership to arise after the death of one of the co-owners.  In a December 19, 2018 Massachusetts real estate case, the Land Court decided a partition action among three brothers who co-owned a residential … Continue reading

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Court Ruling Obamacare Unconstitutional Leaves Obamacare Future Uncertain As Annual Enrollment Period Ends

A ruling by a Federal District judge on Friday (December 14, 2018) ruled unconstitutional the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) touches off a new wave of uncertainty about the future of the massive healthcare reform law commonly known … Continue reading

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