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A Bangladesh Mom With Two Uteruses Gave Birth Twice in a Month – The Atlantic

Five weeks ago, a 20-year-old named Arifa Sultana delivered a baby in a hospital in southwestern Bangladesh. As the BBC has reported, Sultana had received limited prenatal care in her rural village, but she had no problems during delivery and … Continue reading

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This is so ridiculous I had to read it twice

I read a lot of articles and posts about a lot of different subjects. Some provide information I can use in my business or personal life, some are inspiring, some are just plain fun. ome articles make me check the … Continue reading

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A Year-End Estate and Financial Planning Checklist: Make Your List and Check it Twice

With so much going on during the holiday season, it may seem more stressful to think about review your estate plan. Here is a simplified list to assist, and not interfere with presents and champagne. Review required minimum distributions (RMDs)…. … Continue reading

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Why You Should Think Twice About Representing Yourself in a Divorce

All you know is you want out. When it comes to a bad marriage, that’s generally the chief objective. However, there is something important you should know. You really need to think twice about representing yourself in a divorce. Otherwise, … Continue reading

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Sue Me Once, and Sue Me Twice, and Sue Me Once Again

It sure seems like a long, long time since ACA foes were suing to block executive actions to “fix” problems that Congress couldn’t or wouldn’t.  Now, it’s the turn of ACA defenders, who are suing to block executive actions to … Continue reading

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