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Question of Consent Turns Putative TCPA Fax Class Action Into Junk

A recent decision by a Connecticut district court reiterates that the issue of consent may foreclose class certification in Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) junk fax cases. The action was one of several putative class actions brought by Gorss Motels … Continue reading

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Lawyer Fingerprinting Turns Up 2,200 Convictions Unknown To Bar

Seek and ye shall find, as the saying goes. In California, lawyer fingerprinting has turned up a bevy of convictions not known to the bar and more testing remains to be done. If you are a disorganized lawyer and don’t … Continue reading

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How Cannabis Companies Tackle Legal Twists and Turns of Medical Marijuana Regulation

While the market for cannabis (or medical marijuana) grows due to the liberalization of state laws regulating growing, transportation, sale, and use of cannabis, companies that are active in the cannabis space will benefit from staying aware of legal and … Continue reading

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How to Change Child Support When a Child Turns 18 in Illinois

In this article, we explain how to change child support obligations when a child turns 18 in Illinois. Read more detail on Recent Real Estate and Property Law posts –

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Mississippi Turns to Lottery, Other Tax Changes, in Special Session to Fund Bridge Repair

In a five-day special session that concluded August 29th, Mississippi lawmakers reached an agreement to reduce the state’s $400 million per year infrastructure funding shortfall, a plan that includes several tax changes. As of mid-August, more than 400 locally-owned bridges … Continue reading

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