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Recycled Restaurant Waste Cooking Oil Can Trigger Insurance Pollution Exclusion

In a case having broad implications given the wide mandatory recycling of restaurant waste cooking oil across the country, in a decision filed on April 29, 2019, a federal appeals court held that contaminated recycled fat could trigger the “pollution … Continue reading

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Contemplating Divorce? Here's How to Pull the Trigger

If you’re reading this, our guess is that you’re unhappily married. Perhaps someone cheated. Perhaps one of you works all the time and it caused the relationship to crumble. Perhaps you married young and you both grew up and apart. … Continue reading

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Court Rejects Bond Insurer’s Coverage Trigger Defense and Notice Prejudice Rule Arguments

In an interesting recent decision, a court rejected two defenses a Financial Institution Bond insurer asserted in denying coverage for a bank’s losses arising from a $3.6 million loan extended in reliance on documents that proved to have been forged. … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Asked Whether “Control” over the IPR is Required to Trigger the 315(b) Time Bar

by Dennis Crouch WesternGeco LLC, v.  ION Geophysical Corp. (Supreme Court 2019) [Petition] In 2018, WesternGeco seemingly won its international-patent-damages case against ION — with the court agreeing that lost-profit damages are available even for extra-territorial sales.  After winning its … Continue reading

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3 Ways Healthcare & Telemedicine Companies Can Trigger Unlicensed and Corporate Practice of Medicine Legal Tripwires

Introduction This is the typical story of someone who achieves success with a particular therapy—let’s call it Therapy X—and then builds a healthcare business around it, not realizing they are running afoul of unlicensed practice of medicine and corporate practice … Continue reading

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