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More Affordable and Innovative Medicines and Treatments in Europe – Has the Competition Enforcement Met the 2009 Objective?

A decade ago, the European Commission conducted a thorough sectoral inquiry into the European pharmaceutical sector that identified antitrust shortcomings impeding access to more affordable and innovative medicines and treatments. Concluding this inquiry by setting priority actions for the years … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Court Issues Opinion Declaring that Medical Marijuana Treatments are Not Available in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Medical marijuana is legal in many states, including Massachusetts. This has created novel legal issues for the workers’ compensation system when it comes to whether an insurer is required to compensate an employee who obtains medical marijuana in order to … Continue reading

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Doctors too readily provide dubious treatments to vulnerable seniors

Doctors subject older patients to risky, costly, invasive, and painful tests and treatments, perhaps with good intention but also because they fail to see that the seniors in their care are individuals with specific situations with real needs that must … Continue reading

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Royal Caribbean Passenger is Medevaced to Tampa Bay for Treatments

Yesterday, a 39 year-old passenger aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship near Tampa Bay suffered chest pains indicating a possible heart attack, and was evacuated to a medical facility by Coast Guard watchstanders. The post Royal Caribbean Passenger is Medevaced … Continue reading

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Two Los Angeles Executives of Provider of Substance Abuse Treatments Billed to Drug Medi-Cal Indicted by Grand Jury

The Drug Medi-Cal program has been under a lot of scrutiny since 2013 when it was the subject of investigative reporting. In 2014, significant changes and audits were made.  Many facilities were closed. However, it seems that there are still … Continue reading

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