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Guest Post: Improving Securities Class Action Outcomes Through Early Damages Analysis

Doug Greene John McCarrick In the following guest post, Doug Greene and John McCarrick take a look at the way that securities class action lawsuits settle and make a suggestion of a way for D&O insurers and defense counsel to … Continue reading

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Going Through a Divorce And an Illness at the Same Time: Tips to Get Through It

Traumatic situations always seem to converge at the worst times. This is certainly your reality if you are simultaneously dealing with divorce and health issues. Both are tough to handle in the best of circumstances; together, they can make you … Continue reading

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Two California Brothers Plead Guilty in Conspiracy to Distribute Prescription Drugs Through Sham Medical Clinics That Hired Allegedly Corrupt Doctors

Physicians and other health care providers  should always be careful when answering advertisements for clinics, especially when run by non-physicians. One recent case shows what happens when physicians' identities were stolen for prescribing purposes. In addition, other physicians were hired … Continue reading

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Partnering in Kentucky – Environmental Success through Cooperative Federalism

By Mary S. Walker Acting Region 4 EPA Administrator As Administrator Wheeler visits Kentucky this week, I am proud to note the progress the Bluegrass State is making when it comes to environmental protection. The collaboration between the U.S. Environmental … Continue reading

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How to Help Your Special Needs Child Through Your Divorce

Divorce is difficult for all parties involved, especially children. Because of their lack of life experience, children usually do not understand why their parents are deciding to end their relationship. Some even blame themselves for the divorce. Some parents seek … Continue reading

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