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Mary B II Tragedy, testimony available

The Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay Officer-in-Charge, Chief Warrant Officer Thomas Molloy, provided testimony for the Mary B II case yesterday. Molloy’s testimony described the dangerous conditions of the sea during the evening of the capsizing incident. Molloy said that … Continue reading

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RICH LOWRY ON WILLIAM BARR’S TESTIMONY AND THE RUSSIAN COLLUSION NARRATIVE HOAX: “In sum, this is all a non-scandal that shows how small the Russia controversy has gotten—from alleged treason to a squabble over a summary of a report that … Continue reading

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Testimony: Oregon Should Reevaluate the Proposed Gross Receipts Tax to Raise Revenue for Public Education

Co-Chair Roblan, Co-Chair Smith Warner, Co-Vice Chair Knopp, Co-Vice Chair Smith, and Members of the Committee: My name is Garrett Watson, and I’m an economist and the Special Projects Manager at the Tax Foundation, the nation’s leading nonpartisan, nonprofit tax … Continue reading

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Evaluating conflicting testimony and the credibility of witnesses in a disciplinary hearing

A court may not weigh the evidence or reject the choice made by the hearing officer in a disciplinary proceeding where there is conflicting evidence and room for choice exists. Where  there is room for choice, the court may not … Continue reading

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Ponds Scam Fails As Ethical Bar Counsel Uncovers Perjured Testimony In Its Own Case

A most unusual District of Columbia Ad Hoc Hearing Committee report recommends dismissal of all charges against an attorney. Disciplinary Counsel presented its case-in-chief on February 11-12, 2019, and called the following witnesses: Ernie Davis (Respondent’s client and the complainant);… … Continue reading

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