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What Color Is a Tennis Ball? – The Atlantic – Pocket

The query came from a Twitter poll I spotted on my news feed, from user @cgpgrey. “Please help resolve a marital dispute,” @cgpgrey wrote. “You would describe the color of a tennis ball as:” green, yellow, or other. Yellow, obviously, … Continue reading

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Tennis Rackets, Aviation Security, Unpublished Regulations: Case C-345/06

Anyone for tennis ? Just dont carry tennis rackets in Europe. Read on to find out why…. A recent judgment of the Court of Justice – Case C-345/06 Gottfried Heinrich – sets out the principle that part of a regulation… … Continue reading

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Obesity can qualify as a disability under CA law – Cornell v. Berkeley Tennis Club

Plaintiff Ketryn Cornell began working part-time for the Berkeley Tennis Club as a lifeguard and pool manager in 1997, while attending college at UC Berkeley. She was employed as a night manager and continued to work at the Club after … Continue reading

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Tennis String Manufacturer Serves Competitor with False Advertising Suit Over No. 1 Claim

Makers of tennis racket strings will be going at it in the Northern District of Georgia in a Lanham Act false advertising case over allegedly false claims of coming out on top in an industry product quality survey. It is … Continue reading

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PING PONG Is A Registered Trademark For Table Tennis

Go look at registration 520270 if you don't believe me. I represented a UK company named Jaques that claims that it coined the term and sold it to Parker Brothers around 1900, but that's another story. Now, to anticipate a … Continue reading

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