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Sperm Donor Tells Australian High Court He is the Legal Father to Lesbian Couple's Daughter

Robert Masson, as he is known to Australia's High Court, claims that he is the legal father to a lesbian couple's young daughter. He states that one of the women, a friend of his for 25 years, approached him to… … Continue reading

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Don’t Buy California’s Callous Attempt to Ignore People’s DNA Privacy Rights, EFF Tells Court

Analyzing and indefinitely keeping the DNA profiles of thousands of Californians arrested for felonies, but never charged with a crime, is not just an ominously overbroad practice by law enforcement—it’s an invasion of privacy that violates the state’s constitution. Last … Continue reading

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What Your Invoice Tells About Your Divorce Lawyer’s Hourly Charges

There are two divorce lawyers. Lawyer A charges 300$ per hour, while Lawyer B charges 400$ per hour. Say, you hired Lawyer A for your divorce and then called him to talk about the hearing schedule and the call took … Continue reading

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History tells us most VC backed legal tech companies will fail

Jason Fried, the co-founder and CEO of Basecamp and widely respected business commenter, blogged this on Friday. SILICON VALLEY HAS BECOME ESPECIALLY GOOD AT TURNING SOFTWARE, THE HIGHEST MARGIN PRODUCT EVER, INTO MANY OF THE WORST PERFORMING BUSINESSES IMAGINABLE. WITH FEW … Continue reading

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Don’t Always Believe What the IRS Tells You About Your Trust Fund Taxes (or Anything Else)

A 2017 case is a stark $300,000 reminder that the IRS is not bound by statements made by its employees, such as Revenue Officers. Tommy Weder was a responsible officer of a corporation which failed to pay its payroll taxes, … Continue reading

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