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Expected Market Volatility During 2019 Could Spell Trouble for “Iron Condor” Investors

The “iron condor” is an extraordinarily complex investment product. A form of “yield enhancement strategy,” or “YES,” it involves making at least four separate options trades with the hope that none of the options will actually reach their strike price … Continue reading

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You Can’t Spell “America” Without C A R

Nora Freeman Engstrom, When Cars Crash: The Automobile’s Tort Legacy, 53 Wake Forest L. Rev. 293 (2018). John C.P. Goldberg For the past century, the car accident has served as the paradigmatic (über-?) tort. What does this tell us about tort law’s … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Nominee May Spell Trouble for Disability Rights

On Monday, July 9th, President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy (1). Because Justice Kennedy was often a swing vote in cases involving civil rights, many have noted that his replacement could … Continue reading

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Why Xiaomi’s Offering May Not Spell Trouble for Other Chinese Unicorns

The smartphone maker disappointed investors in its first day of trading. Other Chinese tech giants have reason to believe that they could fare better. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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How Do You Spell Trouble? ROFR, ROFO, ROLO, ROFN? All?

PrintLast week we expressed the belief that very few tenants are “entitled” to receive a Right of First Refusal (First Offer, Last Offer, First Notice) and that very few landlords should give in when any of these are requested. We … Continue reading

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