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Notice of Medicaid Eligibility violates Due Process if it doesn’t specify the Reason

The Superior Court of Massachusetts recently addressed the question of whether a state Medicaid agency had given adequate notice to the Medicaid applicant of the reason for denial of eligibility. What’s useful for New Jersey purposes is the exended discussion … Continue reading

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Chrome allows users to specify video autoplay blocking

PCWorld: “If you’re the type of person who detests autoplaying video ads with sound, Google’s Chrome browser provides some help. Google Chrome 66 will mute autoplaying video by default, permanently, so even if a video pops up—and Chrome can block some of … Continue reading

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Shouldn't the ACC specify why it chooses certain vendors as its exclusive Alliance members?

The ACC chooses a handful of companies to promote to its member as exclusive providers for various services. For example, according to Met. Corp. Counsel, May 2011 at 35, Applied Discovery holds that coveted position for electronic discovery, which led… … Continue reading

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District court’s failure to specify leads to remand of FTC case

Federal Trade Commission v. Lane Labs-Usa, Inc., No. 09-3909. (3d Cir. Oct. 26, 2010) Lane Labs makes and sells specialty dietary supplements and cosmetic products. Individual defendants were its current president and sole shareholder, Andrew Lane, and Lane’s father, I. … Continue reading

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Vatican Updates Its List of Mortal Sins; Fails to Specify Their Punishments

The new mortal sins include taking or dealing in drugs, polluting the environment, and engaging in “manipulative” genetic science, The Times of London reports. Also new to the list are paedophilia, abortion, and social injustices that cause poverty or “the… … Continue reading

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