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Detained for Speaking Spanish?

Mimi Hernandez and Ana Suda, ACLU plaintiffs, stand outside the convenience store where CBP detained them in Havre, Montana. With the Trump administration, the atmosphere for immigrants in the United States for the Latinx population has taken a sharp turn… … Continue reading

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[Ilya Somin] My Upcoming Speaking Engagements for the Next Several Months

Ilya Somin's upcoming speaking engagements for the next few months, covering topics such as federalism, immigration, "voting with your feet," property rights, and others.For readers who may be interested, here is a list of my upcoming speaking engagements for the … Continue reading

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Speaking the Language: Evaluating Insurance Coverage in Latin America

Latin America continues to be a prime market for business development and expansion; however, insurance coverage for businesses based in or doing business in the region sometimes lags behind what is necessary to sufficiently protect them against risk. Evaluating coverage … Continue reading

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My Speaking Notes for Senate BANC Committee November 21, 2018 re Copyright Board

Howard Knopf Speaking Notes for Senate BANC Committee November 21, 2018Here is the webcast of this hearing. My opening remarks occur at 14;49.  There were some very good questions, and presentations from Jeremy de Beer and Casey Chisick.The following are … Continue reading

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Legally Speaking: Questioning A New Intellectual Property Right For Press Publishers

Pamela SamuelsonThis article will be forthcoming in the March 2019 issue of Communications of the ACM, a computing professionals journal. The editors of Communications of the ACM have given permission for it to be pre-published for the Kluwer Copyright Blog. … Continue reading

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