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What Sort of Issues Does a Good New York Prenuptial Agreement Cover?

When a couple gets married in New York, they are legally entering into an “economic partnership.” Thus, absent a clear indication to the contrary, courts assume that the couple agrees on certain default rules regarding the couple’s assets. However, not … Continue reading

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Finally, A (Sort Of) Real Solution to Avoid TCPA Liability for Reassigned Numbers—Businesses that Make Calls or Send Texts Should Pay Attention

The problem – millions of phone numbers are reassigned each year and businesses have had no ironclad way to know whether a number had been reassigned.  These businesses can be subject to Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) liability for inadvertent … Continue reading

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Do We Need An Attorney To Sort Out Child Support?

Question: My wife and I have been living apart for four months. She has our son, and we came to a mutual agreement regarding visitation rights and the amount of child support I should pay. We have agreed to keep … Continue reading

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Some sort of Checklist meant for Changing People to Change These products

Online business Communication around earlier time was at the beginning very much unique than exactly what is its at this time. The continuous expansion during the technologies has got manufactured innumerable variations available communication how the distance concerning earlier along … Continue reading

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A Family Story of a Different Sort

                Most of the stories I write about involve parents helping out their adult children and how that might affect their own finances, especially when they need long term care.  As a result of divorce, losing a job, having special … Continue reading

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