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Attempted Case of Wildlife Smuggling Reminds the International Community of Its Prevalence

On March 25, 2019, Indonesian authorities detained a Russian man accused of attempting to smuggle an orangutan out of the country. Andrei Zhestkov, the suspect, claimed that he purchased the animal from a market for $3,000, believing that he could … Continue reading

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Oceania Crew Member Arrested at PortMiami for Smuggling Cocaine

An Oceania crew member was arrested at Port of Miami for smuggling cocaine when the Riviera called at port in Miami on January 2, 2019. The Miami Herald reports that Wilford Thobourne was arrested for smuggling three and a half … Continue reading

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49 Arrested Across Americas for Human Smuggling

The BBC reports that 49 individuals have been arrested across the Americas for human or people smuggling. Interestingly, the particular criminal enterprise targeted by the Interpol operation aimed to bring South Asian migrants into the United States. The article is… … Continue reading

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"How Legalizing Marijuana Is Securing the Border: The Border Wall, Drug Smuggling, and Lessons for Immigration Policy"

The title of this post is the title of this interesting and timely new Cato Institute policy analysis authored by David J. Bier. Here is its executive summary: President Trump has repeatedly cited drug smuggling to justify a border wall. … Continue reading

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ICE arrests reggaeton singer for bulk cash smuggling

No one is exempt from the requirement to report more than $10,000 to CBP upon entering or leaving the United States, and other customs territories (which includes Puerto Rico). Earlier this year, Customs seized $51,802 from a reggaeton singer who … Continue reading

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