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SJC Hears Oral Arguments over Request for Records of Show Cause Hearings

Massachusetts has a unique system for certain criminal complaints, where both a police officer or private individual can apply for a criminal complaint and a clerk magistrate will decide whether there is probable cause for a criminal complaint to be issued. This process … Continue reading

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Will Bankruptcy Show Up on a Background Check in California?

It is a known fact that the past decade’s rough financial situations have affected the lives of millions of Americans throughout the country. Many of them have filed for bankruptcy to manage excessive debt and keep their homes from being … Continue reading

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Show Your Teens the Money If You Want Them to Stop Texting While Driving

Teens who like to text and drive at the same time may be convinced not to do it if offered some sort of financial incentive. Parents looking to discourage their teens from this risky habit can do so if offered … Continue reading

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EPA March test results show lower levels of ethylene oxide since closure of Willowbrook Sterigenics plant

CHICAGO (April 29, 2019) – Levels of ethylene oxide remained relatively low last month in Willowbrook and other nearby suburbs following the February closure of the Sterigenics plant, new test results from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found According to a … Continue reading

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Miami Judge Issues Order to Show Cause Against US Bank for Flouting Discovery Order

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