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Two takes on “substantive reasonableness” sentencing review

The Sixth Circuit issued two decisions this week that show both the promise and limits of appellate review of in sentencing decisions.1. The standard outcome.The first decision, United States v. Muchow, shows the usual limits that apply in a sentencing … Continue reading

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Criminal Sentencing Reform for Minors

There has been a lot of discussion over the past few years regarding prison sentencing reform. This comes from overcrowded prisons, the cost that comes with extended imprisonment, and the morally just way to rehabilitate someone following a criminal conviction. … Continue reading

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How to Make Sense of the Sentencing Matrix in Utah

The sentencing matrix is a guide for judges to help them sentence individuals convicted of crimes.The Utah Sentencing Matrix The following guide explains vital information on Utah’s criminal sentencing matrix, including prison and prison terms for felonies and misdemeanors, how … Continue reading

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Document: Manafort Defense Team Files Sentencing Memo

Paul Manafort's defense team has filed a sentencing memorandum in U.S. v. Paul J. Manafort, Jr, the case tried in the Eastern District of Virginia in summer 2018. Manafort was convicted on eight charges related to fraudulent financial dealings. His lawyers … Continue reading

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Case 'o The Week: Congress takes the First Step, Ninth takes the Second — Valencia-Mendoza and use of state priors as federal sentencing enhancements

The federal government of the United States just entered its longest shutdown in history.Federal courts will run out of money next week.Public defenders will soon join their CJA comrades and will be expected to mount vigorous, constitutionally-mandated defenses for our … Continue reading

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