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Connecticut Supreme Court Restores Dignity and Respect To Sandy Hook Parents

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that the Sandy Hook parents' lawsuit against gun manufacturers may proceed. The Court addressed the ability of the parents to sue manufacturers who have been granted essentially blanket immunity for companies that manufacture firearms, including… … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Plaintiffs' Case Survives On Single Claim

The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled in the high-profile litigation arising out of the Sandy Hook that defendants may be liable on a theory of knowingly marketing the weapon for offensive operations From the majority opinion On December 14, 2012,… … Continue reading

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Families of Sandy Hook Victims Sue Online Conspiracy Theorist — Chicago Defamation Slander and Libel Attorneys Near Naperville

Tensions between American citizens are higher than ever with no sign of slowing down any time soon and there’s ample evidence that the 2016 election played a significant role in widening those divides. Trump’s presidential campaign ran on a platform … Continue reading

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Public Meeting Concerning the General Adjudication in Sandy / Midvale Area

The Utah Division of Water Rights has set a public meeting to discuss the general adjudication of water rights in the Sandy/Midvale area in Salt Lake County East Division of the Utah Lake/Jordan River Drainage (Area 57, Book 21). The Sandy/Midvale area generally … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Five Years Later: Skill v. Chance Enacting Legislation

In some ways enacting laws is like a contest – a game of skill between qualified legislators – or maybe it’s really more like a game of chance – where winning depends upon luck.  The disappointing facts since the Sandy … Continue reading

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