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Net credit to private sector grows by over Rs 266 billion: SBP governor lauds role of banking sector

KARACHI (May 05 2007): Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, Dr Shamshad Akhtar appreciated the role of banking sector and expressed satisfaction over the growth in credit disbursement to private sector during July-April FY07 where net credit to private sector grew … Continue reading

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The Role of Parenting Plans in Illinois Divorce Cases

Getting a divorce when you have children is much different than getting a divorce when you do not have children. Couples who divorce and have children often face a more complicated and stressful situation than couples who do not have … Continue reading

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The Role of Appropriate Access to Care in Reducing Health System Costs

Seeking to address growing concerns about U.S. health care costs, policymakers in many cases are turning to patient access restrictions in efforts to reduce spending and, as such, control costs. Cost-containment objectives are undoubtedly necessary to pursue. But policies that … Continue reading

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U.S. Military on the Southern Border: What's Their Proper Role?

The U.S. Army Follow Texas National Guard observes Rio Grande River, photo by U.S. Army In my last Crimmigration classes, we've been discussing the different players who at the border: the OFO at ports, Border Patrol between ports, ranchers, residents,… … Continue reading

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ICC Rejection of Prosecutors Call to Investigate US Service Members for Alleged War Crimes Reveals The Role of Political Power in International Legal Frameworks

By Evan Schleicher On Friday, April 12th, the International Criminal Court’s pre-trial judges unanimously rejected a request by the court’s chief prosecutor to investigate alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Afghanistan. This was about a week after … Continue reading

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