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Return of the Rogue Rabbi – Elections and New York Religious Corporation Law

Recently in the news is a follow-up story relating to a dispute regarding control over a Chelsea synagogue.  A prior blog post related the original story about a “rogue Rabbi” who took control of the synagogue pursuant to a lease agreement, and … Continue reading

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From gun kits to 3D printable guns, a short history of rogue gun makers

Prof. Timothy D. Lytton: “Gun rights activist Cody Wilson got a green light from the Trump administration in June to publish digital blueprints on the internet that will enable anyone with a 3D printer to make a plastic gun. A … Continue reading

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2nd Cir: Excelled Sheepskin v Oregon Brewery re ROGUE for Clothing

Justia Summary: OBC appealed the district court’s grant of summary judgment for Excelled in a trademark dispute over use of the brand-name ROGUE on t-shirts. The Second Circuit held that Excelled failed to show entitlement to summary judgment dismissing OBC’s … Continue reading

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When Guarding the Henhouse, Some Foxes Go Rogue: When an Insurer’s Conflict of Interest Factors into Administrating Group Long-Term Disability ERISA Plans

Few Americans can retire on their savings alone.  Many workers participate in an employee benefits plans, which serve to provide financial security in case of disability or retirement.  In the case of insurers that decide who qualifies for life, health … Continue reading

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Former DOJ Lawyer Goes Rogue, Turns Criminal

As a young attorney, Jeffrey Wertkin joined the Department of Justice where he investigated and litigated False Claims Act cases filed by whistleblowers. After six years fighting fraud for the government, working side by side with whistleblowers, Wertkin made the … Continue reading

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