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EBA Publishes Consultation Paper on RTS on Standardized Approach for Counterparty Credit Risk

  On May 2, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published a consultation paper on four draft regulatory technical standards (RTS) on the standardized approach for counterparty credit risk under Article 277(5) and Article 279a(3) of the proposed Regulation mending the … Continue reading

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Defend at your own risk

Have you ever thought that maybe we should just get rid of the 2nd Amendment?  I mean, if we could just get rid of that one pesky amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting regular people access to guns, then there … Continue reading

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Daily Aspirin Therapy: Effective or an Unnecessary Risk?

According to recent research by the Mayo Clinic, both risks and benefits may exist for individuals considering aspirin therapy for heart attack and stroke prevention.  Every case must be evaluated individually and discussed with your doctor.  Issues to consider before … Continue reading

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Risk of Measles on the Rise

Measles kill approximately 100,000 people worldwide each year, and most of the victims are children younger than five years old. In recent years, as vaccination rates for preventable diseases have decreased in the United States, the global measles scourge has … Continue reading

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Strong Collaboration Between Legal and Risk Management Departments Is Key to Maximizing the Value of Your Company’s Insurance

As outside coverage counsel for corporate policyholders, we see firsthand how corporate risk management and legal departments interact and work together—or don’t. Some risk management and legal departments are in sync. They tackle intersecting insurance and legal issues through a … Continue reading

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