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Billionaires 2019: The Richest People In The World

Forbes – “For only the second year in a decade, both the number of billionaires and their total wealth shrank, proving that even the wealthiest are not immune to economic forces and weak stock markets. Capitalism is taking some lumps—and … Continue reading

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Richest Man in the World is Getting a Divorce

Are you seeking a divorce or legal separation? Is your divorce especially high-conflict or high-asset? Divorce can be an extremely difficult and emotional process. Don’t go through it alone. The San Diego Divorce attorneys at The Law Office of Doppelt … Continue reading

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World’s Richest Man After Divorce?

Will Jeff Bezos still be the “worlds richest man” after getting divorced?  Maybe.  A lot depends on whether Bezos and his wife executed a contract that is often referred to as a Prenup or Pre-Nuptial agreement. Of course, Jeff Bezos may … Continue reading

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Longreads – profile and commentary on one of the richest people who have ever lived

The Billionaire Philanthropist – “It is an American tradition for CEOs to stockpile their wealth, avoid taxes, then in their later years, participate in the theater of giving. Will Jeff Bezos make it scale?..During the political chaos of the last … Continue reading

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Forbes' First List of Cryptocurrency's Richest: Meet the Secretive Freaks, Geeks and Visionaries Minting Billions from Bitcoin Mania

Matthew Mellon, a banking heir who saw his $2 million investment in XRP, Ripple's cryptocurrency, explode into a billion dollar fortune, learned first-hand the dangers associated with earning perceived easy money. The morning following a night of festivities at his… … Continue reading

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