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Mark Zuckerberg Under Fire After Reveal Report Exposes Facebook’s Profiteering Off Children

A Reveal News report dug into a 2016 settlement to uncover evidence of Facebook taking advantage of children. For years, the company employed dubious tactics designed to infiltrate parents' pocketbooks through their own kids' addiction to online games. Read more … Continue reading

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Abstract Aerial Photographs Reveal the Beauty of Meandering Waterways

Colassal: “The project Water.Shapes.Earth uses aerial photography and storytelling to bring an understanding to the complex and diverse ways water inhabits our planet, from a radioactive water pond in Huelva, Spain to mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan. The images provide an … Continue reading

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Gender Reveal Party Starts Wildfire

From CNN: Oh boy. A video released by the US Forest Service shows the moment when a gender reveal party in Arizona went horribly wrong, sparking a wildfire that burned nearly 47,000 acres and caused more than $8 million in… … Continue reading

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Carpenter May Reveal a Recipe for Defense in High-Tech Criminal and Regulatory Cases

Our colleagues Matthew S. Adams and Jana Volante Walshak have authored a client alert about the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Carpenter v. United States, where the court held that cellphone location records deserve heightened protection, once again expanding the Fourth … Continue reading

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TIME: Long-Lost Photos Reveal Life of Mexican Migrant Workers in 1950s America

Portrait of Mexican farm laborer, Rafael Tamayo, employed in the United States under the Bracero Program to harvest crop Sid Avery—MPTV TIME has a story with images of "Bracero" (guest) workers from Mexico that have not been seen since they… … Continue reading

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