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Article on Recalibrating Cy Pres Settlements to Restore the Equilibrium

Michael J. Slobom recently published an Article entitled, Recalibrating Cy Pres Settlements to Restore the Equilibrium, 123 Dickinson L. Rev. 281-306 (2018). Provided below is an abstract of the Article. Class action settlement funds become “non-distributable” when class members fail… … Continue reading

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NLRB Takes First Step to Restore More Limited Definition of “Protected Concerted Activity”

A 3-1 majority of the National Labor Relations Board announced last week its intent to level set what constitutes “protected concerted activity” given that the Board has over the years “blurred the distinction between protected group action and unprotected individual … Continue reading

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[Ilya Somin] Trump's Syria Withdrawal Does Nothing to Restore Constitutional Limits on Presidential War Powers

While the Syria intervention lacked proper congressional authorization, constitutional considerations had nothing to do with Trump's withdrawal decision. Indeed, his administration has doubled down on Obama-era arguments asserting broad presidential authority to initiate military interventions. Donald Trump's recent decision to … Continue reading

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Inventor of World Wide Web announces project to restore power and agency of individuals on the web

Tim Berners-Lee – via his company, inrupt: “I’ve always believed the web is for everyone. That’s why I and others fight fiercely to protect it. The changes we’ve managed to bring have created a better and more connected world. But … Continue reading

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In Landmark Vote, California Legislature Votes to Restore Net Neutrality

On Friday August 31, the California Senate gave final approval to Senator Scott Wiener and Sen. Kevin De León’s SB 822, which would adopt net neutrality protections for California. The bill now heads to Governor Jerry Brown for his signature … Continue reading

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