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Congress, States Introduce New Laws for Facial Recognition, Face Data – Part I

Companies developing artificial intelligence-based products and services have been on the lookout for laws and regulations aimed at their technology.  In the case of facial recognition, new federal and state laws seem closer than ever.  Examples include Washington State’s recent … Continue reading

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Facial Recognition Technology May Soon Gain Some New Wrinkles

No one knows your face as well as your iPhone does. All the unique variances of your face that make it yours and yours alone, these are all data points that your iPhone uses to unlock your phone using a … Continue reading

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THANKS and Recognition!!!

On November 15, 2007, I was notified that this blog was selected by LexisNexis to be listed in the “Top Blogs” section of its recently released LexisNexis Environmental Law and Climate Change Center. You can get to the web site… … Continue reading

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United States published patent application 20190050629, SELECTIVE IDENTITY RECOGNITION UTILIZING OBJECT TRACKING

The background section of the Amazon application states Multimedia content such as video content is used in multiple settings and presents many difficult challenges in the context of video processing, such as recognizing and identifying objects moving through the multimedia … Continue reading

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Shareholders ask Amazon to halt sales of facial recognition tech

A group of Amazon shareholders has filed a resolution requesting the company stop selling its facial recognition technology to government agencies until a review can determine whether it has the potential to violate civil rights. Organized by the non-profit Open … Continue reading

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