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Court Blesses FDA’s Rarely Used Administrative Search Warrant Authority

By Anne K. Walsh — A recent decision out of Pennsylvania caught our eye, not because it applied a new enforcement strategy by FDA, but to the contrary, because it relied on FDA’s “oldie but goodie” Inspection Warrant authority.  Not … Continue reading

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Sure outcomes rarely exist in criminal defense – Virginia Supreme Court

Sure outcomes are rare in criminal defense, says Fairfax criminal lawyer. Sure outcomes should never be relied upon in criminal defense. We need look no further than the many split decisions of the United States Supreme Court to know that, … Continue reading

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Medical Malpractice Litigation Rarely Compensates Victims

In 1990, The Harvard Medical Practice Study was published. This report, titled, “Patients, Doctors, and Lawyers: Medical Injury, Malpractice Litigation and Patient Compensation in New York,” was conducted to estimate medical malpractice and the injuries caused by medical malpractice in… … Continue reading

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