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Law School Specialty Program Rankings: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?

Robert Kuehn, Washington University School of Law In addition to its annual ranking of law schools, U.S. News ranks nine law school specialty programs. Although the school rankings rely on a number of factors to compute a final score (peer … Continue reading

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Click-Through-Rate, Rankings, and Adaptive Search

A poorly-worded document has resurfaced and rekindled a long-standing controversy in the world of search engine optimization (SEO) concerning whether a site’s click-through-rate (CTR) in the results page alters its future ranking. Background: CTRs and SERPs and Rankings Recall that … Continue reading

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Federal Court Tosses False Advertising Suit Over Angie’s List Rankings

A Kansas federal court granted Angie’s List’s motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit alleging false advertising, finding that most of plaintiff’s claims were time-barred and the rest were not properly pled. The owner of a tree trimming business spent … Continue reading

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In Defense of “Rankings Scholarship”

As someone who has done some scholarship on law school rankings (here and here), I concur wholeheartedly (if not disinterestedly) in Bill Hendersons thoughtful post, In Defense of Rankings ScholarshipThe study of rankings is primarily the study of markets within… … Continue reading

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A New Way of Thinking About the Sisk Rankings – Inspired by a Starting 5 NBA Approach

The Sisk rankings, which rank US law faculties based on mean and median citation counts, came out last month. Many Deans and faculty members spend lots of time discussing the most impactful faculties based on the rankings. After having a… … Continue reading

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