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Copyrights 101: Reviewing the rules of protecting original works

A copyright is a type of intellectual property which protects original artistic or literary works that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression, meaning that the work is sufficiently permanent to last for more than a transitory period of … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2019 – Protecting At-Risk Fish, Birds, and Animals

GAO Watchblog: “It’s Earth Day; and this year’s theme is about broadening protection for at-risk species and their habitats. What is the nation doing on this front? Today’s WatchBlog examines some national and international efforts….” [h/t Pete Weiss] [Note – … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Legitimate Role for Investment Law and Arbitration in Protecting Human Rights (Reminder)

LEGINVEST and PluriCourts, in collaboration with Monash University and the Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, have issued a call for papers for a workshop on "Legitimate Role for Investment Law and Arbitration in Protecting … Continue reading

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Cannabis Copyright in California: Protecting Your Budding Brand

Years ago, you could call your Los Angeles pot product pretty much anything you wanted, and not only would you find a market for it, you were unlikely to face costly litigation if you swiped someone else’s style. As marijuana … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Safety While Exercising Your Right to Free Speech

This year is looking to be another year of increased social activism in the Bay area, with the Women’s March and other, smaller events taking place last month. While the focus is often on protecting your rights to peacefully assemble … Continue reading

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