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U.S. Military on the Southern Border: What's Their Proper Role?

The U.S. Army Follow Texas National Guard observes Rio Grande River, photo by U.S. Army In my last Crimmigration classes, we've been discussing the different players who at the border: the OFO at ports, Border Patrol between ports, ranchers, residents,… … Continue reading

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Washington Court Finds Second Search Warrant Proper After Excluding Evidence Under First Warrant

Evidence collected from an unlawful search is generally not admissible in a Washington criminal case.  If, however, the evidence is ultimately obtained pursuant to lawful means independent of the lawful search, it may be admissible.  When considering this “independent source … Continue reading

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How the Failure to Seek the Proper Remedy Can Hurt Your Cause in Your Florida Commercial Litigation Action

A dispute over a commercial loan in a recent case served as the background for a very important lesson in any type of civil litigation. That lesson is that it is also essential to make sure that you are using … Continue reading

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Courts may not interfere with an administrative tribunal's proper exercise of its discretion

Courts may not interfere with an administrative tribunal's proper exercise of its discretionMatter of Seebald v New York State Div. of Human Rights and Roswell Park Cancer Inst. Corp., 2019 NY Slip Op 00780, Appellate Division, Fourth DepartmentIn this appeal … Continue reading

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The FCA fines an individual for failing to observe proper standards of market conduct and on similar facts issues its first formal decision under its competition powers against three asset management firms

On 21 February 2019, the FCA fined two asset management firms for breach of competition law.  No fine was imposed on the other asset management firm, Newton Investment Management Limited (Newton), as it had been given immunity under the competition … Continue reading

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