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Subprime Impact on Professional Liability

The subprime crisis has caused significant losses in some business sectors, notably financial institutions that have either directly or indirectly invested in subprime mortgages, and these losses are being felt in the professional liability and management liability (D&O) insurance markets. … Continue reading

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The PLLC: Forming A Professional Services Business In Washington

 When a group of licensed professionals (e.g., doctors, attorneys, psychologists, etc.) decide to start a business in Washington, their first thought is often to form a limited liability company (LLC). The LLC has become the most popular type of entity … Continue reading

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Difference between advice and information provided by a professional (for example a broker) – English law

English law relating to professional negligence draws an interesting distinction between whether the professional person is giving information or giving advice. This is not specifically part of South African law but it is relevant when considering liability, for instance, of … Continue reading

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Update: Subprime Impact on Professional Liability

Subprime and related credit market losses will impact both the professional liability (E&O) and the directors & officers (D&O ) insurance lines, and underwriters will respond (and some have already) with all the normal moves following catastrophic losses: tighter underwriting, … Continue reading

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Your Small Business is STILL Like Professional Wrestling

Wrestlemania was this past weekend, and Linda McMahon is rumored to be stepping down as the head of the Small Business Administration.  I have a rule that when those two things happen in the same week, it is time to link … Continue reading

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