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And if They Don’t Dance, Well They’re No Friends of Mine – And They’ll Probably Get Sued

By Sara W. Koblitz — As FDA continues to approve biosimilar drug products, and as sponsors participate – or rather choose not to participate – in the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (“BPCIA”) version of the patent dance, more … Continue reading

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“Whatever virtues a film like this might have, critical distance probably isn’t one of them.”

Christoph Büchel’s installation behind Mass MoCA’s yellow tarp covers. Former Mass MoCA Director’s wife makes documentary film about Mass MoCA. What do you get? Well, apparently a not-very-objective take on the lawsuit and PR campaign that Mass MoCA aggressively launched … Continue reading

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Cardi B, You (Probably) Can’t Trademark “Okurrr,” Okay?

The saltiest trademark news in the last week surrounds singer Cardi B’s application to register the marks “Okurr” and “Okurrr,” both slang for “Okay???”–but pronounced in a hip, rolled-r trill, sometimes with a shady tone. Or, as Cardi describes, it: … Continue reading

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Another Politician Probably Violated the First Amendment By Blocking a Constituent on Twitter–Campbell v. Reisch

I’m shaking my head at how many politicians block their constituents on social media. What a terrible practice. Today’s case is particularly mind-blowing. Rep. Reisch is a representative in the Missouri House of Representatives tweeting @CheriMO44. The court describes the allegations: … Continue reading

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These non-essential costs are probably getting in the way of your financial goals | On Wall Street

Millennials lag behind in terms of credit card debt and retirement savings, but they spend the most on vacation, dining out and other unnecessary expenses, according to a new study.https://onwallstreet.financial-planning.com/news/these-non-essential-costs-are-probably-getting-in-the-way-of-your-financial-goals Read more detail on Recent Banking and Finance Law posts … Continue reading

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