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Preparing for a panel discussion on raising seed capital, successfully

I am in the process of organizing an event geared towards my favorite crowd: startup founders.  They are the most demanding group of clients I have.  There are many adjectives I would use to describe them: enthusiastic, bid believers, convincing, … Continue reading

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New EPA Report – Preparing for Worsening Disasters Due Climate Change

Guidance about Planning for Natural Disaster Debris – “The Planning for Natural Disaster Debris (PDF)(150 pp, 6 MB, April 2019, EPA-F-19-003) guidance is an update to the version that EPA published in March 2008. It is designed to help all … Continue reading

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Preparing to Exit and Assessing Risk: Compliance Assessments, Financial Metrics and Other Pre-Sale Strategies for Best Positioning Investments

The next in our series of posts sharing key takeaways from panels at the Healthcare & Life Sciences Private Equity and Lending Conference focuses on how sellers of healthcare companies can increase business value prior to a sale. It is authored by … Continue reading

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Olivia Jade Finds Out Preparing a Trademark Application is Harder than You Think

After allegedly allowing her parents, Lori Loughlin and J. Mossimo Giannulli, handle having someone else fill out her application to the University of Southern California, you would think Olivia Jade would be well-versed in getting other people to fill out … Continue reading

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Preparing a Revocable Trust? Prepare for a Malpractice Claim, Too

Even highly competent attorneys who conscientiously meet their responsibilities may face the threat of malpractice. And this threat is very real for attorneys who prepare revocable trusts.    A malpractice claim can arise from a revocable trust that carries out the client’s … Continue reading

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