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Penalties Increase for Employers Under the LHWCA

As of January 23, 2019, three monetary penalties for employers under the LHWCA have increased in accordance with the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015. Failure to Report Termination of Payments The penalty amount for failing … Continue reading

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IRS tax penalties – how to abate them

— This is a technical and educational piece — The IRS consistently assesses different type of penalties. In 2017 the IRS assessed nearly 39 million civil penalties totaling roughly $26.5 billion, the IRS abated 4 million civil penalties totaling $12.6 … Continue reading

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Foreign Bank Accounts: Penalties for Tax Reporting Violations

U.S. taxpayers with foreign bank accounts must be aware of IRS reporting requirements for these “offshore” accounts. For offshore bank accounts or other foreign financial accounts, the taxpayer will likely need to file a Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR). Please … Continue reading

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Impersonating Another Carries Heavy Criminal Penalties in San Jose

As a child, you may have pretended to be another person, perhaps someone famous or a police officer. While this may have been a harmless way to have fun back then, as an adult, impersonating someone other than yourself can … Continue reading

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Penalties for Breaking and Entering in North Carolina

The penalties for breaking and entering (B&E) will vary depending on the following circumstances: Whether you committed the B&E with an intent to commit a felony. Whether the B&E was done in a dwelling or some other type of building. … Continue reading

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