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Sutter Health LLC, a Medicare Advantage Provider, Pays $30 Million To Settle Alleged Overpayment Based on Beneficiaries' Health Status Risk Scores

It is not just fee-for-service providers that have audits and civil qui tam cases. Managed healthcare is facing review as well. Even providers who are paid capitation fees should be mindful of the codes submitted to managed care. A recent … Continue reading

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Sutter Health pays

On April 12, 2019, the Department of Justice announced that California-based Sutter Health, LLC, had agreed to pay $30 million to resolve a whistleblower’s allegations that the company submitted unsupported diagnoses of Medicare Part C (“Medicare Advantage”) patients, inflating their … Continue reading

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Who pays off the credit card debt in a divorce?

Many people who are getting divorced in Phoenix are eager to separate themselves from their marital partner and move on to a happier, single life. Many clients come in with a mindset focused on how the division of property will go. … Continue reading

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A Tax Break That Pays For Itself?

On several occasions, I have written about wealthy individuals and corporations that line up for financial assistance. A profitable business conjures up arguments for why the public should contribute to an increase in its profits. The sales pitch is a … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Condominium Units In Foreclosure – Who Pays To Maintain Them?

Should Unit Members Pay To Protect Lenders' Collateral? Wisconsin Condominiums Are Entitled To Financial Assistance In Many Cases. It is a distressing, but not uncommon phenomenon to see condominium units, in Wisconsin and across the nation, abandoned by their owners … Continue reading

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