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Commissions Owed in Georgia Form Basis of Lawsuit for Breach of Contract

Most highly compensated commissioned salespeople work long and hard to obtain results for their company which result in sales and revenue to the company. In turn, the company pays the salesperson a pre-determined amount of the sale in the form … Continue reading

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Over 130,000 injured vets are owed big tax refunds

For 25 years, a computer glitch at the Department of Defense taxed non-taxable disability severance payments, resulting in hundreds of thousands of veterans overpaying their taxes. The disability payments to veterans injured in combat are tax-free. However, the Defense Department’s … Continue reading

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Why a Maryland Husband Still Owed Alimony Even After Proving that His Ex-Wife Was Living With Her Romantic Partner

When you are negotiating a separation agreement, it is important to “sweat the small stuff,” or more advisably, retain an experienced Maryland divorce attorney to “sweat the small stuff” for you. Each detail in your agreement is binding, and small … Continue reading

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Injured Motorists Owed Millions After Head-On Collision With Semi-Truck, Jury Told

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What's a 'Probate Fee' and How Much is Owed?

In Ontario, where a prospective estate trustee applies for a certificate of appointment (colloquially referred to as "probate"), pursuant to s. 2(1) of the Estate Administration Tax Act she is required to pay the estate administration tax (often called the … Continue reading

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